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Letter From Membership Vice President

Letter From Membership Vice President

Alpha Xi Delta has been helping women realize their potential since 1893 when ten women set out with the goal to start a women’s fraternity at Lombard College. Since our founding on SDSU’s campus in 1968, the epsilon Eta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta has been upholding those same values and traditions, as well as offering a strong sisterhood and home away from home.

Greek life has empowered my sisters in Alpha Xi Delta and myself to grow as not only individuals but as a collection. Greek letter organizations encourage young men and women to hold themselves to a high standard while simultaneously nurturing their values of philanthropic, social, and academic success. Being Greek opens innumerable doors not only on South Dakota State University’s campus, but in life through astounding leadership and networking opportunities.

With 91 incredible women in our sisterhood, Epsilon eta is currently the largest chapter on campus and looks forward to growing in the years to come! Formal recruitment will take place September 27th- 30th, 2018. To sign up for formal recruitment, click the following link: http://enroll.icsrecruiter.com/pan/sodast#/enroll/enrollment-disclaimer 

South Dakota State Greek Life



With love,

Cassidy Stratman

Membership Vice President


(605) 209-3592