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2021 Formal Awards and Superlatives!

Sister who lives the T

Anna Milton

Sister who lives the F

Nicole Ball

Sister who lives the J

Kayla Washington 

Sister who lives the TFJ completely

Rebecca Hommes 

Most likely to be TikToc famous 

Morgan Argo 

Most coffee- obsessed

Loree Ball

Most likely to be a chapter advisor 

Sydney Wood

Most AXiD Spirit

Diana Johnson 

Known as the "chapter mom"

Karyssa Popham

Best shoulder to cry on

Morgan Sikkink 

Most likely to marry from Tinder

Emily Cole

Most likely to brighten your day

Patsy Hernandez 

Most likely to finish a whole Netflix series 

Emily Archer 

Most likely to travel the world by 30

Esther Gere

Most likely to have their own reality TV show 

Bridget Fitzgerald 

Most likely to get ID'd when she's 30

Jessica Parker 

Best big/ lil duo

Carlyle/ Emily and Geena/ Hanna

Best twins

Anna/ Geena and Loree/ Noel

Most likely to make everyone cry with laughter 

Rachel Savage

Most likely to be sarcastic until she dies 

Ashley Christensen 

Most likely to be a soccer mom 

Tommi Toft

Most likely to be found at the gym 

Maddie Fitch 

Alpha Xi Delta Award 

Carlyle Reef 

Nancy Swanson President's Award 

Rebecca Hommez

Outstanding Alumni Award

Emily Kallem

Mary Kay Bachard Award 

Diana Johnson 

Outstanding Pledge Award 

Sami Nordman and Nicole Ball 

Quakenbush Award 

Sydney Wood 

Heart Sunshine Award 

Maddie Fitch